The Links Primary School

Year 5

Welcome to Y5!

Thank you to everyone who completed applications for the Y5 monitoring roles. Your help and support is very much appreciated in the class, by me and your friends.


Maths and English homework is handed out every Friday to be completed and handed in on the following Wednesday. If you are having problems with it, please come and see me before Wednesday and I will help you.

Spellings will be handed out every Monday and tested on Friday. They should be practised every night.  You will all be expected to begin learning the Y5/Y6 curriculum spellings, in addition to revising the Y3/Y4 spellings.  For those who still find spelling key words difficult, your spellings will be tailor made for you each week.

Reading – You should still be reading every day at home whenever possible. I know that this is not always possible with such busy lives but the more often your read, the better your understanding and fluency will be.  Remember to bring your reading book and diary into the classroom every morning and take it home each afternoon.  You are responsible for completing your diary each day with the books you are reading and the page number you are up to.  It is still very useful for children to read aloud to their parents at this age.

After talking to the children, there is no longer a reading comprehension activity to complete after each book. However, I will still be checking that you have actually read the book!  Don’t forget that good readers are not just the ones that get through the most reading books.

X Tables – You should know all of your times tables up to 12 x 12 by heart. Keep practicing them on Times Table Rock stars as well as chanting them and playing other excellent games such as hit the button.

P.E. – In Y5, P.E. will take place on Thursday afternoon. You will need shorts and T-shirt for indoor P.E. as well as suitable, old/warm outdoor kit, for example, old jogging bottoms, old sweatshirt, old trainers etc. for when we go outside




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