The Links Primary School

The Links Learning Powers

The Links Learning Powers


Pupils will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through seven areas of learning and development and will have many opportunities to develop the nine characteristics of effective learning through our Mr Men and Little Miss characters, which are adapted to be accessible, age appropriate and enable the children to develop qualities for successful learning. The children will be supported to use the language around characteristics of effective learning through modelling from practitioners and interactive displays

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KS1 and KS2

It is important that our pupils are equipped with the necessary skills for the fast-changing world in which we live. This means that they need to be adaptable, able to apply their learning in a wide range of contexts and develop strategies for what to do when they are unsure. We want our pupils to be active learners, questioning, investigating, challenging themselves and sharing responsibility for driving their own learning. Above all, we want our children to give their very best and to be proud of their achievements.

These qualities needed for successful learning are underpinned by our Learning Powers of;



problem solving

risk taking



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