The Links Primary School

School Values and Ethos


Our School Community

We want a school

  • which values and respects the uniqueness and individuality of each child and adult involved here; where all people are supported, encouraged and affirmed to develop self-esteem and their full potential
  • which provides a welcoming, happy, non-threatening, secure atmosphere where risks can be taken and mistakes made without fear of failure or rejection
  • where all the participants (children, staff, other adults) “belong” to, and are involved in, a community where strengths can be shared and developed and where needs can be met
  • where appropriate and acceptable behaviour is modelled, encouraged and expected as a mark of respect for ourselves and each other
  • which shows consideration, respect and care in our relationships and interactions, even when we may differ in background, experience, ability, age and beliefs
  • where mutual partnerships directly or indirectly benefit the children, where staff and parents listen to, value and acknowledge each other’s’ contributions, role, experience and expertise
  • where the staff’s individual and collective contribution and commitment are acknowledged and valued by each other, their opinions heard through clear open channels of communication
  • where adults are willing to be responsive to the changes and challenges which will be ever present at The Links Primary
  • where there is strong leadership which firmly holds a clear vision for the school
  • where we all want to be.

Education we offer our children

We want to offer

  • a rich and varied curriculum that will encourage self-confidence and independence of learning, meeting the holistic needs of each child
  • a quality curriculum which is planned and differentiated for each individual and which also fulfils the legal requirements of the National Curriculum
  • an environment which fosters success and achievement, where high expectations lead to high standards, encouraging everyone to reach their full potential
  • an equality of opportunity and access where we hope to inspire everyone to accept new challenges without fear of failure or criticism, thereby responding to the
  • Needs and interest of the individual.