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Rights Respecting

Rights Respecting School Award

Here at the Links Primary school we have been learning about the UNICEF Rights of the Child by working with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). This document states that ALL children have rights. Children are involved in class discussions and activities which help them to understand their own rights, whilst also developing an understanding of others rights. Through our links with the Ghana Project, children are deepening their understanding that not all children in the world have their rights met.

Once a fortnight the RRSA Steering Group meets to discuss ways in which we can develop our understanding of children’s rights.

This is our steering group:

Steering Group

Within school we hope that RRSA will:

  • Help children to gain self-esteem by learning about their rights.
  • Help children to distinguish the difference between their wants and their needs.
  • Encourage children to consider their actions and their effect on others.
  • Enable children with skills to become active global citizens.
  • Give children a powerful voice.

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