The Links Primary School



The following principles have been agreed by the Governing Body to inform and direct the Behaviour Policy:-

Through the Behaviour Policy, the school will promote and teach our core values:-

_ Respect for self and others

_ Truth and honesty

_ Trust and fairness

_ Tolerance and compassion

_ Self-discipline

_ Respect for property and the environment

_ Politeness

_ Forgiveness

Promoting such values assists in the preparation of the children for the responsibilities and duties of adult life and citizenship in modern Britain.

The Behaviour Policy should be positive in that it enhances self-esteem, truth and good relationships and emphasises rewards rather than punishments. Rules should be kept to a minimum and expressed in positive terms when possible.

The Behaviour Policy should be clearly understood by all members of the school community – pupils, parents, governors, teaching and non-teaching staff.

The Behaviour Policy will offer support systems for staff who, in turn, have a responsibility to set a good example to children and to contribute to the support systems if they are to succeed.

Parents should be involved in all aspects of a child’s development and should be notified at an early stage if a child is having behavioural difficulties. Good behaviour as well as bad should also be drawn to the attention of parents.

The Behaviour Policy should include reference to dealing with bullying, racial harassment, attendance problems and exclusions.