The Links Primary School

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Y5! I am really excited to be joining The Links and I am looking forward to teaching the exciting topics we have in Year 5!

We have had a lot of applications for this year’s Year 5 School councillors. Best of luck to everybody and I look forward to finding out who is chosen. I know you will do an amazing job!


Maths and English/Topic homework is handed out every Thursday. It is really important to have it completed and handed in on the following Thursday as we will go through it together on Friday. If you are having problems with it, please come and see me before Thursday for help.

Spellings will be handed out every Monday and tested on Friday. They should be practised every night. You will all be expected to learn the Y6 curriculum spellings. In addition, you will be tested on additional spellings that you have not been given to learn, to see if you can apply the spelling rule or pattern.

Big Talk homework will be given out on Wednesdays to help prepare you for your Big Write in school the next day. I know you have a lot of great ideas so make sure you share them! This is a good opportunity for children and parents to discuss ideas about their writing and share what they have been learning in school.

Reading – You should still be reading every day at home whenever possible. Remember to bring your reading book and diary into the classroom every morning and take it home each afternoon. You are responsible for completing your diary with the books you are reading and the page number you are up to. It is still very useful for children to read aloud to their parents at this age.

X Tables – We will have a times tables test every Friday morning. At first, we will be doing mixed times table questions; then we will be testing specific tables the children may need to practice more.

P.E. – In Y5, P.E. will take place every Tuesday afternoon.

You will need suitable, old/warm outdoor kit, for example, old jogging bottoms, old sweatshirt, old trainers etc. Please make sure these are always in school, as there may be further opportunities for extra sessions during the week.





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